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Relive the Golden Age of Railways at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA

Take a step back and experience the Victorian era at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA. Discover a fully immersive experience of the old railroads of the 1800s, complete with today's modern technologies. Get up close and personal with vintage locomotives, great paintings, and industrial architecture. Find further facts here.

The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA, offers a unique window into the history of the state’s railroad industry. Home to various historic locomotives, cars, and artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries, the museum provides a fascinating look into the past. In addition to its collection of rolling stock, the museum also features several permanent exhibits highlighting the Golden State’s part in American railroad history. From the luxurious Pullman passenger cars to the complex steam engines that powered them, the California State Railroad Museum exhibits offer visitors a glimpse into a bygone era. Learn more about Magnificent Monuments at the California State Capitol Museum in Sacramento, CA.

Historic Locomotives in Sacramento, CA

The locomotives at the California State Railroad Museum are diverse examples of the steam, diesel, and electric engines that were once prevalent on the nation’s railroads. These powerful machines relied on acres of overhead cables to generate power and were instrumental in quickly moving cargo throughout the state. These engines represent the rail lines that bound California and the rest of the country together, allowing passengers to travel from the east coast to the west.

Restored Passenger Cars

The California State Railroad Museum has worked hard to restore several historic Pullman passenger cars. These cars were built for the wealthy and featured amenities like sleeping berths, diners, and lounges. Often used to connect major cities on cross-country trips, the Pullman cars gave passengers a luxurious ride across the nation. The museum has also restored several observation cars. These cars offered scenic landscape views and served as the ultimate luxury railroad travel.

Permanent Exhibits in Sacramento, CA

The California State Railroad Museum has several permanent exhibits. The most comprehensive of these is the Transcontinental Railroad Exhibit celebrates the completion of the first transcontinental link in 1869. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the monumental building of the transcontinental railroad through photographs, models, and interactive displays.

Visitors will learn the story of the “Big Four,” the entrepreneurs who connected the United States by rail. Another fascinating exhibit at the museum is the Logging Train Exhibit, which showcases a method of transportation that existed in Sacramento, CA, before and after the transcontinental railroad. This exhibit presents the history of logging in the state, from early hand logging to using sophisticated machines and equipment to move timber. Models, photographs, and other artifacts highlight the logging industry as essential to the state’s economy in the 19th and 20th centuries.


The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA, offers an immersive look into the Golden State’s railroad industry. The museum’s collections provide valuable insight into America’s railway culture, from the complex steam engines to the luxurious Pullman cars. Furthermore, the museum’s permanent exhibits add value, allowing visitors to learn about the transcontinental railroad and the logging industry. Whether a train enthusiast or a history buff, the California State Railroad Museum offers an unforgettable experience.


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