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Have you ever been arrested on suspicion of a crime? Having your freedom taken away, even temporarily, is quite a terrifying experience. If you've been arrested for a crime in Northern California, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you avoid a prison sentence or reduce your charges. Goss Law can help!


Our legal services will help you through state courts as we take all necessary steps to clear your criminal record as much as we possibly can within the confines of the law. Goss Law is a top criminal defense law firm based in Sacramento, California, that has assisted hundreds of people facing criminal offenses.

Highly Rated California Lawyer

Mr. Goss went above and beyond and did so at a great price. His legal prowess is razor-sharp, and his professionalism puts you at ease immediately. You’ll instantly know you have hired a cunning, litigating shark!

- Michael S.

The work done for me was excellent and very fast, I even had some additional questions 5 years later and Blair answered my questions. Safe to say I’m very happy with the service they provided me.

- Antonio G.

The Goss Law Firm is an exceptional law firm! They
were very knowledgeable in what my situation needed. Professional and straight forward. I can sleep at ease knowing Im in good hands.

- Jali D.

Our Trial Fee is $O

Our trial representation is free if we don't get the resolution we agree on. This is how we guarantee the best results for all our clients.

What Cases Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer from Goss Law Handle?

The criminal defense attorney at Goss Law provide various types of legal representation in the Sacramento, CA, area. Some of the most common criminal cases we deal with include: Assaults Animal abuse Battery that results in bodily injury Battery of a police officer Child molestation or pornography Drug-related crimes Domestic violence DUI cases Fraud Hit and run Grand theft Indecent exposure Marijuana law Probation violation Rape Resisting arrest Registration of sex offenders Small business and professional licensing Serious felonies Sexual crimes White-collar crimes And much more All clients receive support from our skilled criminal defense lawyer and legal team during any law enforcement-led criminal investigations. Our law firm has a successful track record in several criminal cases, so you can trust us to handle your case in the best possible way. We take pride in assisting those who need legal assistance, and when appropriate, we'll help negotiate a plea agreement and take other steps to have our clients' charges reduced. If it's possible, we'll take the necessary steps to have the case dismissed.

What to Do After Being Arrested

If you've been arrested in Sacramento, California, there are a few important factors you need to keep in mind. In general, it's crucial to realize how acting aggressively or disrespectfully toward a police officer will only complicate the police report and worsen the situation.

The best course of action is always to stay composed and be patient. Everyone should have a criminal attorney whom they can call as soon as possible. Improper behavior following an arrest could result in additional criminal charges.

Stay Quiet

One of the most crucial things to do during an arrest is to remain silent. These are not situations you can talk yourself out of, so it's best to say nothing at all. The best way to avoid complicating the case is to be silent because anything you say can and will be used against you in court.

Those arrested can contact their Sacramento criminal attorney after being taken to a police station or jail. From this point on, the legal team at Goss Law will take control and make sure that everything is done correctly to ensure that our clients receive the best possible legal outcome.

Contact an Experienced Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

Once you've contacted your Sacramento criminal defense lawyer, they will give you guidance on how to proceed with the remaining stages of the legal case. The legal team will help you comprehend the procedure if bail is an option for your criminal case.


If you have to stay in custody until your trial, your lawyer will explain what this timeline entails and give you more tactical information tailored to your particular situation. Getting a favorable outcome under criminal law is much easier said than done. Therefore, you need to get a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible. The Sacramento criminal defense attorney at Goss Law are always ready and able to start working on your case.

Only Speak to Your Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

You should only discuss your alleged offenses and criminal charges with your legal representation once you have an accomplished criminal defense lawyer on your side. No matter what kind of criminal accusations you are facing—serious crimes or misdemeanors—they are always incredibly difficult to navigate.


Therefore, it's best to leave any talking to your lawyer because you'll need to avoid making any unintentionally damning statements to police enforcement or prosecutors.

Criminal Defense Law: Misdemeanor Penalties in Sacramento

All states have sentencing standards for various offenses, and some of them categorize misdemeanor crimes into classes, such as Class C misdemeanors, and punish such crimes accordingly. However, California law imposes penalties based on the specific crimes committed.

The circumstances of the offense, criminal history, whether it is classified as an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony, and how competent the criminal defense lawyer is can all have an impact on the legal penalties faced.

Here is a list of the punishments for a few common misdemeanor charges observed in Sacramento cases so you can get an idea of the possible legal repercussions:

  • Standard misdemeanor: Up to six months in jail, fine, possible treatment program, probation, possible license suspension

  • First-offense drug possession: Up to one year in jail, fine, possible probation, possible drug program

  • First-offense DUI: Up to six months in jail, fines, and assessments, possible impound of vehicle, license suspension, possible probation, DUI treatment program, an ignition interlock device

  • First-offense assault: Up to six months in jail, possible probation, possible community service

  • Prostitution: Up to six months in jail, fine

Felony Penalties in Sacramento

In California, felonies are dealt with in the same way as misdemeanors. There are guidelines, of course; however, the prosecutor has a lot of latitude in deciding what crime to accuse the defendant of and the potential length of their jail or prison sentence.

The term "wobbler" refers to offenses that can be prosecuted as either felonies or misdemeanors.

Numerous factors will be taken into consideration at sentencing and can either lengthen or shorten the jail or prison term using a technique known as the "sentencing triad;" for instance, the prosecutor will be more likely to charge someone with a felony or to find a harsher jail sentence if the individual has a history of offenses.


Felony probation is an alternative to a prison sentence. Depending on the crime, the accused may receive a prison sentence that varies in length of time. Furthermore, the accused can receive probation or the death penalty, depending on the offense they committed. A Sacramento criminal defense attorney will fight for the best possible outcome.

Client Testimonial

Goss law is amazing! They handled my case quickly and got all my charges dismissed. I am very pleased with their service. I will definitely recommend Goss Law to my friends and family in the future!

- Monte B.

What Should You Look for in a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney?

When hiring a Sacramento criminal lawyer, there are various factors to keep in mind. Some of the most crucial ones are:


Always take into consideration a criminal defense attorney's or legal firm's reputation. Feel free to go through our client reviews to figure out if we're the right team for you. Goss Law has helped many clients and is willing to do the same for you.

Legal Concentration

Many criminal defense attorneys specialize in particular areas of criminal defense law, despite the fact that many of them handle a wide range of criminal accusations. DUI cases, criminal cases, sexual offenses, and many other types of cases can fall within these legal specializations. Working with a law firm that focuses solely on the criminal charges you or a loved one are facing is always a good option. This way, they'll have the appropriate level of skill and experience to give you a positive result.

At Goss Law, we focus on various aspects of criminal law. Therefore, you can trust our team to have extensive knowledge and experience that other Sacramento criminal attorneys do not.

Legal Fees

A key component of any legal relationship is the overall cost of the representation provided by the private attorney. Therefore, clients should always ensure that their costs are completely disclosed and that they are aware of the full amount they will pay. Hiring with a law firm that prides itself on transparency when it comes to legal fees is a key thing to keep an eye out for because attorney rates can vary depending on a variety of circumstances. Our Sacramento criminal defense attorney gives clients all the details relating to legal fees during the initial consultation.


A criminal defense lawyer should have a California license and have assisted previous clients in the Sacramento and Northern California region if they practice law in California.

Public Defender or Private Attorney

An eligible person may be given the option to work with a public defender in certain circumstances. However, it's important to recognize that these public servants in California, including the Sacramento region, are quite busy. They're unlikely to give your case the attention it deserves. Hiring a private lawyer from Goss Law is the best way to give the case the knowledge and focus needed to get the best possible result.

Firm Qualities

It's up to you to decide which kind of law office you feel most comfortable choosing for your legal services because every criminal defense law firm has a variety of distinctive characteristics. Goss Law is a great option because we give each case the attention it deserves. We aren't too big or too small, which means that each client gets representation tailored to their specific needs.

Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

How a Criminal Record Can Affect People's Lives

Unfortunately, a criminal record has consequences other than legal penalties. Criminal records often affect people in the following ways:


  • Family embarrassment

  • Loss of employment and difficulty finding another job

  • Loss of child custody

  • Increased sentencing penalties for future offenses

  • Loss of certain rights - for example, the right to carry a gun

  • Becoming ineligible for certain housing opportunities and government programs

What a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Will Do for You

Our defense lawyer is dedicated to protecting and respecting clients' legal rights. Getting proper legal representation is generally the difference between winning and losing a criminal case. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients either have their charges reduced or avoid jail time.

Here are a few of the things a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer will do:


  • A Sacramento criminal defense lawyer will start investigating the case from the free case evaluation. This entails gathering all relevant information, including police records, speaking with witnesses, and gathering additional evidence, such as affidavits from previous police officers.

  • Depending on the particular situation, determine the best course of legal action using all the information that has been gathered.

  • Next, we'll figure out whether to negotiate a plea bargain with the Sacramento prosecutors or formulate a jury trials plan. This is a crucial step in the attorney-client relationship as it will formulate the legal strategy.

  • As we take part in criminal investigations and the preliminary hearing, the defense attorney will offer legal counsel. Experienced lawyers might be able to get the case dismissed or the charges dropped in the early phases of the criminal justice procedure. No matter how complicated the procedure gets, our lawyer will be there each step of the way.

  • In addition, a criminal lawyer will take whatever steps are necessary to exclude damaging or unfavorable evidence, which happens more often than one would think.

  • A Sacramento criminal defense lawyer will also assist in negotiating a plea bargain with a local prosecutor or police officer, which may result in a lesser punishment, such as community service rather than jail time or lower criminal charges.

  • Our lawyer is there every step of the way to defend our clients and help them navigate the legal process.

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Are you facing criminal charges in Sacramento, California? You need an experienced criminal attorney who has experience handling cases like yours. Here at Goss Law, we understand how overwhelming and terrifying facing a criminal conviction can be.

Our Sacramento criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly to ensure you get the best legal representation possible. You can count on us to fight tooth and nail to reduce your sentence as much as possible or to get the charges dropped completely. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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