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Sacramento Juvenile Attorney

Has your child been arrested for a criminal offense? You need a Sacramento juvenile attorney. Call Goss Law now for a free consultation.

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Whenever a minor is arrested and accused of a crime, it can be a very stressful time for the parents and all those involved in the juvenile criminal case. It is at such times that one needs the services of an experienced Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer. The last thing that a parent or guardian wants is to stand by and watch their child's future being destroyed because they made a mistake. There are many juvenile law lawyers in Sacramento, CA, but finding the right one to help a child facing serious criminal charges is the tricky part. The law office of Goss Law has an experienced panel of juvenile law lawyers armed with the knowledge and compassion necessary to help minors charged with a crime. Parents and guardians looking for the best possible representation for their children should call Goss Law and schedule a free consultation today.

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Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

While many similarities between juvenile law and criminal law apply to both minors and adults, some important differences need to be understood.

Certain considerations are made by the juvenile court system that can be used by experienced juvenile defense attorneys to assist their clients.

In most cases, the prosecutors in juvenile court take into consideration the following specifics of the case to determine how best to handle Sacramento, CA juvenile charges:

  • The minor's age

  • The severity of the crimes

  • Whether the minor has an attorney

  • The evidence against the minor

  • How much the parents influence the behavior of the child

  • Whether the child is remorseful and their attitude

  • The minor's past criminal record

When young people are facing criminal charges, their whole future is on the line. Having an arrest record this early in life can destroy a child's future.

As such, juvenile law lawyers in Sacramento, CA, will do all they can to get the charges dropped and the juvenile criminal record expunged.

However, this is only possible if the juvenile defense attorney understands the intricacies of juvenile law and the parents of the minor make the right decision to seek sound legal counsel as soon as possible.

Common Juvenile Criminal Offenses

When it comes to a child's future, no case is too small to seek the help of a Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer.

The risk of not doing anything resulting in the minor being found guilty in juvenile court or, worse, being tried in the adult system is too high.

In Sacramento, CA, the rule of thumb for any concerned parent or guardian is to seek the help of a juvenile defense attorney as soon as the minor has been arrested.

The following are some of the common criminal cases that juvenile law lawyers can help with:

  • Minor in possession of alcohol

  • Reckless driving

  • Vandalism

  • Rape or sexual assault

  • Shoplifting

  • Murder

  • Drunk driving

  • Simple assault

  • Drug crimes, such as Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia

Consequences of a Juvenile Court Guilty Verdict in Sacramento, CA

It is clear from the above juvenile criminal offenses that a minor can commit similar crimes to those committed by an adult. What differs is the consequences, which are usually less severe for minors.

However, one should never underestimate the severity of having a tarnished Sacramento juvenile criminal record.

Even though it is better to be tried by a juvenile court rather than an adult court, without the right legal assistance from an experienced Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer, a minor can face serious consequences.

Sacramento law indeed understands that children can make mistakes based on impulse, poor understanding, peer pressure, and lack of experience. However, this does not take away from the fact that justice needs to prevail and some sort of punishment needs to be given.

In Sacramento, CA, the following are some of the possible consequences of being found guilty in juvenile criminal cases:

  • Mandatory drug testing

  • Juvenile detention

  • Fines

  • Mandatory counseling

  • Community service

  • Probation plus a fine

  • Treatment classes and rehabilitation

  • Registration on the sex offenders list

  • A criminal record

You Need a Juvenile Law Attorney!

With such severe consequences to the minor, it is clear that parents need to do all they can to avoid having their child found guilty.

While a regular criminal defense lawyer should have a general understanding of the Sacramento juvenile court system, it is best to approach experienced juvenile law lawyers for the best possible representation.

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the severity of the punishments their child is faced with until it is too late.


With an experienced, reliable, and reputable Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer, parents can secure the following services for their child:

Juvenile Arrest

Under Sacramento juvenile law, when a minor is arrested, he/she cannot be treated in the same way as an adult.

In most cases, the child must be processed quickly and returned home to the care of the parents until the day of their court case arrives.

If the offense happens to be very serious, or the minor has an arrest record, they can be detained in juvenile hall until the date of the trial. Upon detention, the minor is allowed two phone calls; one to a Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer and the other to a parent.

Any missteps by the arresting officers in this regard can result in the case being thrown out of court.


This is why parents need to make a record of everything that happened from the moment their child was arrested and have this information ready for the juvenile law lawyers overseeing the case.

Personal Rights

In Sacramento, CA, a juvenile has the same constitutional rights as an adult. This means that they should be read their Miranda rights upon arrest, and they should be questioned in a way that does not violate their constitutional rights.

If any of these rights are not upheld, the parent must inform their Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer when they first go to their law office for a free consultation.

Juvenile Court vs. Adult Court

A child who is above 14 years of age and is being charged with a very serious crime can be tried as an adult in Sacramento, CA.


This means if a minor falls within this category, it is extremely important that the parents approach a juvenile defense attorney as quickly as possible before the Sacramento juvenile court decides to elevate the case to an adult criminal offense.

Aggressive Representation in Juvenile Courts

More often than not, winning a case in Sacramento, CA, the juvenile court requires aggressive representation from juvenile law lawyers.


When facing determined prosecutors, this is not something the juvenile's parents can manage on their own without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

The Best Outcome in a Juvenile Criminal Case

Even if it is not possible to have the criminal charges dropped entirely, there is still a lot that a juvenile criminal defense lawyer can do to remedy the situation.

In most cases, this involves negotiating with the prosecutors or entering into a plea bargain to have the charges reduced, or the sentence commuted.

Protecting the Child's Future

Regardless of the outcome of the juvenile court case, a good Sacramento juvenile defense lawyer will do all they can to protect the child's future from the effects of the arrest and criminal charges.


This means, even in cases where the child is found guilty and sentenced, a lot can still be done to make sure that the minor's criminal record is expunged.

Client Testimonial

Goss law is amazing! They handled my case quickly and got all my charges dismissed. I am very pleased with their service. I will definitely recommend Goss Law to my friends and family in the future!

- Monte B.

Choosing the Best Juvenile Defense Attorney

Many factors determine whether a juvenile offender is found guilty of a crime and, if so, how severe the punishment will be.


However, perhaps the most deciding factor is the choice of legal representation. When choosing a juvenile criminal defense lawyer, the parents need to consider the following key attributes:

Knowledge of California State Juvenile Law

Every state has its particular way of dealing with juveniles facing criminal charges, and California is no different.


Having knowledge of California Juvenile law and a law office in the heart of Sacramento, CA, should be two of the prerequisites of a reliable Sacramento, CA, juvenile criminal defense attorney.

Experience With Juvenile Charges

Dealing with Sacramento, CA, juvenile criminal cases requires a criminal defense attorney to be compassionate and understanding while at the same time providing aggressive representation in court.

Such things are only learned from years of experience dealing with similar criminal defense cases and can be the difference between a child spending time behind bars or simply being sentenced to community service.

Ability To Win a Sacramento, CA Juvenile Criminal Case

No matter what other qualities juvenile law lawyers may or may not have, what matters most, in the end, is the ability to win cases.


A great track record should be one of the first things that parents look for when considering which of the many juvenile defense attorneys in Sacramento, CA, to choose.

A Goss Law Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help!

With vast experience in juvenile criminal cases and related practice areas, the attorney at Goss Law is among the most highly recommended juvenile defense attorney in Sacramento, CA.

Parents and guardians looking for the most reliable Sacramento juvenile attorney for their children should contact Goss Law today and request a free consultation.

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