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Sacramento Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

An experienced Sacramento misdemeanor defense lawyer can help you fight for your rights if you are facing charges for misdemeanor crimes.

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Only a few experiences can be more overwhelming and terrifying than being arrested for a crime. Even if it is temporary, losing freedom on misdemeanor charges can be frightening and confusing, especially the first time.

Furthermore, many people know that an arrest for a crime often ends in severe penalties, a permanent criminal record, or imprisonment in the worst-case scenario.

Misdemeanor charges are less serious than felonies, but they can involve different penalties, can damage a person's reputation, and usually impact their future.

However, it doesn't mean that a misdemeanor charge should destroy someone's life. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, people can fight for their rights, defend their cases in court, and even get the charges dismissed.

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Common Causes Behind Arrests on Misdemeanor Charges

Arrests for misdemeanor charges are commonly related to assault, public drunkness, and petty theft. Other common causes are vandalism, trespassing, and possession of alcohol by minors.


Anyone who is arrested for any of the crimes mentioned above may face different penalties and risk ending up in jail.

Understanding Misdemeanor Penalties in Sacramento

Each state has defined its criminal defense law system and follows different guidelines to sentence a person for a misdemeanor. Many determine penalties based on the crime's class.

Under California law, a misdemeanor is usually punished on a crime-by-crime basis. In other words, it depends on different aspects, including the following:

  • Criminal history

  • Type of offense, whether it's considered a misdemeanor, infraction, or felony

  • The circumstances surrounding the offense

Here's a look at the most common penalties for misdemeanor offenses in Sacramento to better understand the possible outcomes:

  • Standard misdemeanor: Fine, possible probation, up to six months in prison, potential license suspension, and possible treatment program

  • First-offense DUI: Fine, sentence of up to six months behind bars, DUI treatment program, license suspension, potential probation, impound of vehicle, and ignition interlock device

  • First-offense drug possession: Fine, up to one year in prison, possible probation, and potential request to perform community service

  • Prostitution: Fine, and up to six months in county jail

  • First-offense assault: Fine, possible probation, potential request to perform community service, up to six months in jail

How a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Being charged with a misdemeanor can be a confusing and frustrating experience for anyone. Therefore, it's essential to seek help from an experienced criminal attorney.

A Sacramento criminal defense attorney can help people facing misdemeanor charges build a solid case to fight for their rights in court and avoid having a criminal record that could affect their future.

With the help of experts, any individual accused of a misdemeanor can gather the necessary evidence and prove their innocence or negotiate a better deal to reduce penalties.

While many consider self-representation in these cases, a criminal defense lawyer knows all the available alternatives and the system's intricacies. In simple terms, they're prepared to help people get results that can really benefit them.

Choosing the Right Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

In order to build a solid and successful case, people must find reliable and seasoned Sacramento criminal defense attorneys. These are the main points to consider during this process:


If they want to be successful in court while fighting for their legal rights, people should choose a Sacramento criminal defense attorney with experience in misdemeanor cases. Therefore, it is essential to seek assistance from reputable law firms with trained and experienced teams.

Knowledge of the Legal System

In addition to experience, a good criminal defense attorney knows the local court and legal system. A skilled misdemeanor charges lawyer who understands how California law works can help people get better results.

Free Consultation

While some charge excessively high fees, other Sacramento criminal attorneys offer free consultations. People facing misdemeanor charges can leverage them to learn more about the professionals they could work with and see how they can handle their cases.

When to Seek Help from a Sacramento Criminal Attorney

Another question that people facing misdemeanor charges may have in mind is when to seek professional help.

The short answer is: as soon as possible. In some cases, a misdemeanor charge can become a felony. The most common crimes that can be punished in this way include the following:

  • Any serious crime

  • Drunk driving, if the person has a previous DUI offense

  • Crimes that result in other people's injuries

  • Carrying loaded weapons illegally

How Can a Misdemeanor Charge Impact Someone's Life?

Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor may have a criminal record and face other consequences. Some are:

  • Loss of some rights, including carrying a gun

  • Loss of employment or difficulties securing a position

  • Family embarrassment

  • Ineligibility for government programs

  • Ineligibility for housing opportunities

  • Increased penalties for future infractions

  • Loss of custody of children

Cases that a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Handle

A Sacramento criminal defense lawyer can help people facing criminal charges, from common misdemeanor offenses to felonies. Here are some common cases:

  • Drug crimes

  • Felony DUI

  • Alcohol-related crimes

  • Assault and battery

  • Robbery and burglary

  • Domestic violence

  • Arson

  • Gun charges

  • Probation violations

  • Expungement

  • Theft

  • Traffic and speeding tickets

  • White collar crime

  • Warrants

Contact Goss Law and Get a Free Consultation Today!

Anyone arrested by a police officer for a misdemeanor crime has the right to seek legal help.

Whether our clients need to find evidence to build a case or must defend it in a jury trial, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help!

At Goss Law, we have an experienced team ready to help those facing misdemeanor crimes fight for their rights and get the best results possible. This is what we can do for our clients:

  • Use evidence to defend their case and support their claims

  • Investigate the case and collect all the necessary evidence, from reports from the police officer who made the arrest to witness interviews

  • Discuss the case with the affected parties

  • Negotiate a better deal with prosecutors to reduce penalties

  • Fight to get unfair evidence thrown out

  • Offer legal advice to clients at every step

  • And more

If you are facing a misdemeanor crime and need assistance defending your case, our criminal attorney can lend you a hand. Don't hesitate to contact us and get a free consultation today!

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