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Sacramento Traffic Lawyer

Drivers facing legal issues after getting a traffic ticket can seek assistance from a Sacramento traffic lawyer with a free consultation.

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Getting a traffic ticket involves more than just receiving a notice that a driver has to pay a fine. It actually says they violated traffic laws! Moreover, when they get traffic tickets, people also add points to their licenses, which can lead to higher insurance rates, fewer job opportunities, a visit to the court, or a prison term in the worst-case scenario. While most traffic offenses are considered infractions that drivers can resolve by paying a fine or going to a traffic school, there are driving behaviors that can be punished with imprisonment because they can rise to an actual crime level. Furthermore, a driver who simply pays the ticket for a driving offense is essentially pleading guilty. In those cases, insurance and driving records must show their conduct. Depending on the offense, it can go on the criminal record, too. Therefore, to avoid getting their license suspended or overwhelming insurance rates, it's essential to seek help from a Sacramento traffic ticket lawyer, even if the violation is minimal.

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Our Trial Fee is $O

Our trial representation is free if we don't get the resolution we agree on. This is how we guarantee the best results for all our clients.

What a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Do for Drivers Who Got a Traffic Ticket

A person in Downtown Sacramento or any other part of the city has the right to call an attorney if they get a ticket for a traffic violation.

Expert lawyers can act on their behalf and help drivers save time and money if they have received a traffic ticket.

Besides fighting a reckless driving charge, attorneys go the extra mile to make sure motorists don't have their driving record affected by a traffic ticket.


Experts also take care of all the paperwork and do their best to get the traffic ticket diminished or reduced, which can result in lower fines or fewer points on their licenses.

More Reasons Why Hiring a Traffic Lawyer Is the Best Decision

These are other reasons why a driver should call a traffic ticket lawyer if they get a traffic ticket.

Save Money

Many people living in Sacramento, CA, often plead guilty after receiving a traffic ticket and agree to pay the fines because they believe hiring an experienced lawyer can be too expensive. However, that isn't the case.

A traffic ticket can cost as little as $150, but fines can go up to $450 or more. In addition, drivers also get points on their licenses and often must pay a higher insurance premium after traffic violations.

All those costs add up, making the final amount much higher than most people think.

However, an experienced attorney will usually charge affordable fees and do everything possible to help drivers avoid all costs or reduce the charges if they have been charged with a traffic violation.

Traffic Court Representation

An attorney with experience in criminal defense can also fight for drivers' rights if they get traffic citations and the case escalates or reaches the traffic court, helping them save time and providing assistance during this overwhelming process.


In many cases, seasoned attorneys also save drivers from having to go to court and can even negotiate the case dismissal in exchange for a lower fine.

Appropriate Legal Advice

Drivers can represent themselves if they receive traffic citations and must go to court, but it can be a big mistake.

The common problem that people who represent themselves often face is a lack of information and knowledge.

However, experienced attorneys know all the tactics and alternatives available to get the best results when it comes to dismissing traffic tickets or reducing related fines and penalties.

Common Traffic Violations Causing Accidents in Sacramento, CA

The California Office of Traffic Safety says that at least 2,000 fatal traffic accidents occur each year in Sacramento, CA, alone. These are the most common causes:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – The city records at least 1,200 DUI cases a year

  • Failing to see a biker approaching

  • Speeding

  • Texting while driving

Additionally, the city of Sacramento has listed the top five traffic violations behind most accidents. These are:

  • Following too close

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Left turns

  • Speeding

  • Failing to stop at red lights

Anyone involved in an accident for any of the reasons listed above or who is caught committing such offenses can get a traffic ticket and face legal action.

However, in many scenarios, accidents or violations do not occur as other parties claim.


Therefore, drivers should contact traffic ticket lawyers to defend their cases and protect their legal rights.

Speeding? Reckless Driving? Goss Law Provides Legal Assistance Related to Different Traffic Offenses

A professional law firm can help a driver who got a traffic ticket for a variety of offenses, including the following:

  • Speeding

  • Car accident

  • Running a red light

  • Running a stop sign

  • First-time DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or multiple DUIs

  • Cellphone tickets

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • Leaving the scene after a car accident

In either case, traffic ticket lawyers strive to protect their clients' rights, minimize fines, reduce penalties, and help them avoid losing their driver's licenses.

People with Driver's License or Driving Record at Risk Can Contact Us!

Anyone who has obtained a traffic ticket for reckless driving or another offense can contact our law firm to protect their legal rights and defend their case.

At Goss Law, we have a team of traffic ticket attorneys ready to help people get their traffic tickets dismissed and reduce fines or penalties.

If drivers must appear in court for traffic matters, our law firm also has a professional attorney ready to help them fight their tickets, especially if they're sure police officers made a mistake.

In addition, we work hard to prevent our customers from getting points added to their licenses and seeing their driving record affected by a traffic ticket.

Any driver facing a legal issue related to traffic tickets can seek help from our law firm.

We offer services for a flat price with no surprise fees and can attend court without our clients, so they don't have to lose a precious day of work.

Do you want to fight a ticket but need help from an experienced Sacramento traffic lawyer? Call us and get a free consultation today!

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