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Sacramento Sex Crime Attorney

Those searching for a Sacramento sex crime attorney can turn to Goss Law for legal advice and a defense strategy! Call for a free case review.

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Attorneys with knowledge and experience in defending those accused of sex crimes in California are required for immediate legal attention and a strong legal defense.

It is imperative that those facing charges of a sex crime hire competent, knowledgeable legal counsel to protect their freedom and reputation. Goss Law has successfully defended individuals who have been accused of sexual assault for many years.


Defendants are encouraged to get in touch with the team for a free consultation where an attorney can learn more about the case and offer legal advice.

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What Counts as a Sex Crime in California?

Any non-consensual sexual conduct involving unwanted sexual intercourse or sexual contact with an adult is considered a sex offense in California. Sexual offenses can take many different forms, from provocative actions or verbal harassment to physical assaults. Any sexual interaction with a child qualifies as sexual abuse involving a minor.

Common Types of Sex Crimes

There are various types of sex crimes punishable by law in California. They include:

  • Solicitation of prostitution or sexual services

  • Conducting a non-consensual sexual act

  • Indecent exposure

  • Lewd acts

  • Sexual battery for a person's own sexual gratification

  • Spousal rape

  • Molestation

  • Sexual abuse or assault

  • Statutory rape

  • Child pornography

  • Sexual contact with a minor

What Are the Sexual Assault Conviction Penalties in Sacramento?

Sex crimes are considered serious felonies by judges and the general public. Therefore, a person who is convicted of conducting sex crimes may soon realize that their life and reputation have been altered for good.

Coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors may also be able to access these details on the sex offender registry, in addition to potential employers and landlords.

Sex offenders in California often receive the following penalties for sex crimes:

  • Jail time

  • Fines

  • Loss of their right to possess a firearm

  • Immigration restrictions

  • Sex offender registration

  • Loss of assets

  • Sex offender registration

These are serious consequences, so it is important to seek legal advice from a trusted criminal defense attorney.

Sex Offender Registration

Regarding these offenses, each state has specific laws, as well as deadlines for bringing a lawsuit. California requires anybody found guilty of a sex crime to register on both the federal and state sex offender registries. If a person convicted of sexual misconduct appears on the sex offender registry, it stays there permanently.

This is why it is essential for the accused to do all they can to defend sex crime allegations, as they can have an impact that extends well beyond fines and jail time. Failure to hire rigorous legal counsel can result in a person being brandished as a registered sex offender, even if they are innocent.

A reliable criminal defense attorney from Goss Law will ensure that no stone is left unturned in uncovering the truth.

Why Should Defendants Choose Goss Law for Their Sacramento Sex Crime Charges?

Finding the right Sacramento sex crime attorney is imperative to the success of any case of this nature. However, with so many law offices to choose from, it can be confusing for defendants to know which one to choose. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Goss Law:

  • Goss Law's Sacramento sex crime lawyer has decades of industry experience.

  • Defendants get a free consultation to discuss the details of their case with a renowned Sacramento sex crime lawyer.

  • The team has extensive experience defending allegations of statutory rape, sexual assault, sexual intercourse with a minor, sexual battery, and more.

What Are the Possible Defenses for a Sex Crime Charge?

The first shock of being accused of a sex crime can be overpowering. The following step is to hire a criminal defense attorney. The defendant can talk with their attorneys about a few potential defensive tactics. Here are a few ways these criminal accusations could be refuted:

Not Guilty

To counter these allegations, the ideal lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation. The attorney can determine whether sexual intercourse or contact actually took place or if a mistaken identity case occurred. In most instances, there might not be sufficient proof to establish sex offenses.

The Sexual Intercourse Was Consensual

If the accused is honestly and rationally convinced that the individual accusing them of a crime gave their consent, a Sacramento sex crime lawyer will take this into consideration. If the person didn't use force, their attorney would look into the situation and fight to defend them and keep them out of jail.

It is important to note that sex offenders may not argue that the reason for their misconduct was intoxication if they drank the alcohol voluntarily. Being unconscious may help shorten the sentence, even if it does not demonstrate the person's innocence in that situation.

How Sex Crime Lawyers Can Help Those Facing Charges of Statutory Rape and Other Sexual Offenses

If found guilty of a sex crime, the offender will serve time in prison and be permanently registered as a sex offender. Serious offenses include lewd behavior, statutory rape,  sexual exploitation, prostitution, and child pornography.

It will be difficult to get a job and find a place to live if a person is charged with and found guilty of any of these felonies. The criminal defense lawyer at Goss Law can assist defendants.

With the help of tenacious defense tactics, the lawyer at Goss Law can defend these allegations. The team will do all in its power to prevent an innocent person from being prosecuted under the full weight of the law.

Contact Goss Law!

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Sacramento, and a sex offender is brandished for life. Those who did not exploit the other person as accused for their sexual gratification must hire a sex crime lawyer for their best chance at a positive outcome.

Goss Law offers free consultations to assist those facing charges, so those who have been wrongly accused are encouraged to get in touch with the team for reliable legal assistance.

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