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Sacramento Violent Crime Attorney

Do you need a Sacramento violent crime lawyer? Goss Law has a great reputation of defending people against violent crime accusations.

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Strong defenses can make a difference in a person's life and freedom after they've been charged with any violent crime. It's crucial to get the best shot possible for a favorable outcome by hiring the best Sacramento criminal defense attorney for representation. After being accused of a violent crime, it's easy to get overwhelmed by fear of what might happen. If the violent crime charge leads to a conviction, harsh punishment and serious financial stability issues can arise. In the wake of violent crime charges, it's crucial to act quickly by teaming up with a Sacramento criminal defense attorney who has the skills needed to navigate through legal proceedings. A criminal defense lawyer provides access to appropriate legal representation and can safeguard the person's social standing and future. Goss Law can help Sacramento residents handle violent crime charges effectively.

Highly Rated California Lawyer

Mr. Goss went above and beyond and did so at a great price. His legal prowess is razor-sharp, and his professionalism puts you at ease immediately. You’ll instantly know you have hired a cunning, litigating shark!

- Michael S.

The work done for me was excellent and very fast, I even had some additional questions 5 years later and Blair answered my questions. Safe to say I’m very happy with the service they provided me.

- Antonio G.

The Goss Law Firm is an exceptional law firm! They
were very knowledgeable in what my situation needed. Professional and straight forward. I can sleep at ease knowing Im in good hands.

- Jali D.

Our Trial Fee is $O

Our trial representation is free if we don't get the resolution we agree on. This is how we guarantee the best results for all our clients.

Examples of Violent Crimes

Without appropriate training and education, it's confusing and difficult to navigate the legal system. Defendants may not understand the severity of the charges until the sentencing or conviction.

Sacramento criminal defense lawyers must learn the details of the case and crime. They can also help defendants understand the charges against them.

Examples of violent crimes in California include:


  • Domestic violence against a household member, family member, or spouse

  • Homicide

  • Rape or sexual assault

  • Gang violence

  • Physical assault or battery

  • Robbery

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Being involved with a terrorist organization

  • Kidnapping

  • Arson

What to Do After Conviction

Things work differently in California because crimes get broken down into categories, and each category carries a different degree of consequence. They're broken down like this: infraction, misdemeanor, and felony.

Infractions are minor offenses and carry minor penalties. Generally, one must pay a fine, and there's no jail time. Sometimes, the infraction doesn't leave a permanent mark on the person's record. However, that's not true for a violent crime.

A misdemeanor charge is a next step up in severity, but it's not the harshest conviction possible. If found guilty of a misdemeanor, one might be penalized with six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Felonies are the most severe convictions possible. They're as harsh as can be, often altering a person's life and future. If found guilty, one may spend time in state prison and can expect to pay high fines.

Most violent crimes are felonies. Since one can face significant penalties for such violent crime charges, it's best to speak with a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento, just in case.

Keep Quiet

After being arrested for a felony, one has the right to remain silent, meaning they shouldn't speak to anyone until they've talked to a lawyer. This is crucial!

Why Consider Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal charges can lead to prison time and fines, but they can affect a person's life in other ways. Being found guilty can lead to difficulty finding work, social isolation, removal from the residence, and more.

One requires a fighting chance to prove their innocence, and that means working with criminal defense attorneys who understand the law and have experience handling such situations.

A lawyer works to prove someone's innocence by creating a defense strategy. They use evidence, such as expert testimony, witness statements, video footage, and much more, to paint a picture of the events to prove the defendant's character. Likewise, they will use advanced negotiation skills to lower the charges from severe to less extreme.


Sometimes, the attorney can get the charges thrown out, which avoids a conviction and the associated penalties, leaving the defendant's record clear.

Self-representation Isn't a Good Choice

Those accused of violent crimes often believe they can easily represent themselves in court. However, the strategy is ill-advised because the lawyer will have more knowledge of California law, how to fight to lower the punishment, and the criminal charges themselves.


Likewise, the prosecution will have lawyers fighting aggressively to prove guilt and demand severe penalties. When facing such opposition, it's wise to have Goss Law there to assist.

Types of Cases Goss Law Handles

Goss Law offers various legal services relating to criminal cases. There could be serious felonies and allegations, so it's crucial to understand how this law firm can assist. Our lawyer can help with: Drug crimes Federal crimes Domestic violence Sexual crimes White-collar crimes Serious felonies DUI cases Animal abuse Fraud Child pornography/molestation Assaults Grand theft Battery on a police officer that may or may not cause bodily injury Hit and run Indecent exposure Marijuana law Rape Resisting arrest Probation violation Sex offender registrations Much more The experienced litigator here will support the defendant throughout the investigations and other situations. Rest easy knowing that this law firm has been successful in previous criminal cases.

What a Lawyer Can Do For the Defendant

A criminal defense lawyer works tirelessly for the defendant to keep them out of jail. This means ensuring that their legal rights are not violated. Below is a short list surrounding what Goss Law can assist with:

  • Full investigations of the criminal case, including obtaining evidence, collecting police reports, and more

  • Utilizing the evidence to develop a case

  • Gain insight into the case from family members and plan for jury trials in state and federal courts

Though the defendant may not understand criminal law, this team is here to assist and can provide a strong defense.

Contact Goss Law Today

Whether in Sacramento or other parts of northern California, it's wise to speak with Goss Law.

As the preferred Sacramento violent crime lawyer, legal services are always provided to the client in consideration of their being innocent until proven guilty. It's the lawyer's job to work hard to lower their defendant's sentence or even seek a dismissal of the case.

Please contact (916) 313-3133 for a free consultation in Sacramento today!

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