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Sacramento Expungement Attorney

Tired of missing out on many good opportunities because of a poor criminal record? Call a Sacramento expungement atttorney today!

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There are many rights and freedoms that people take for granted until they are denied those advantages due to a prior criminal conviction. Felony convictions can be like a yoke around one's neck for the rest of their life, making even a simple thing like getting a job twice as difficult.

A Sacramento expungement lawyer can help clear the criminal record of anyone convicted of a crime in California, provided they meet certain conditions.

Having a criminal record expunged has nothing to do with whether one was indeed guilty or innocent of the offense. It is simply a relief granted to persons who are deemed to have paid their debt to society and are now ready to move forward with their lives.


If one is finding it difficult to access various societal benefits due to a lingering misdemeanor conviction, Goss Law can help! One should contact the Goss Law offices in Sacramento, CA, and request a free consultation right now!

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What Is Expungement?

Finding oneself on the wrong side of law enforcement agencies often leaves a mark that does not fade easily. A lot of people are still suffering from the effects of a felony conviction years after being granted probation and allowed back into society.

This is where Sacramento expungement attorneys come into play. Just like how a criminal defense attorney fights for the rights of their clients in a court hearing, an expungement lawyer fights to reinstate the precious rights and freedoms that are being denied to those previously convicted of a crime.

Expungement can best be described as the process of clearing a criminal history or having certain criminal records locked away from public view. In the eyes of the law, the person will still be a convicted felon, but that label will not have to follow them every day of their lives.

Your Felony Conviction Could Be Expunged!

Thanks to the California Penal Code section 1203.4, most cases of felony convictions can be expunged. This means that while a conviction for a felony is only issued for a very serious crime, the criminal record can still be expunged, provided that certain conditions are met.

However, in some cases, it is not a straightforward process because an experienced expungement attorney may need to first petition to have the felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor conviction under Penal Code section 17b. Only then can the misdemeanor be expunged.

In some cases, expungement lawyers can petition for the early termination of probation provided that all other requisites, such as serving jail time, have been met. This will reduce the waiting period for eligibility for criminal record expungement.


Residents of California also voted into law Proposition 47 to provide quick relief to convicted felons who qualify for expungement by instantly having their felony reduced to a misdemeanor. This means there will be no need to wait further before hiring an experienced attorney to start the process of expungement.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement?

Not everyone with a criminal record is eligible to undergo the expungement process in Sacramento, CA. Expungement law is only accessible to those convicted of either a felony or a misdemeanor and who have served their probation.

This means felons who are convicted of a crime and sent straight to state prison without being granted probation will not be eligible for the expungement of their criminal record.

The following are also not eligible for the Sacramento, CA expungement process:


  • Criminals who have served state prison time

  • Felons convicted of sex offenses against children

  • Anyone still serving a sentence or on probation for a criminal offense

  • Those with an outstanding criminal charge yet to be resolved

Why Clear Criminal Records Are Important

After serving their prison sentence and having completed probation, why does one still need to hire expungement lawyers to have their arrest records sealed? Well, a criminal record can stand in the way of so many important things in life, such as the following:

Employment Opportunities

It's not only government agencies that have access to criminal records but regular individuals can look anyone up at any time. This means if one has a prior domestic violence conviction, for example, a prospective employer will be able to see it and perhaps reconsider the job offer.

Furthermore, many companies and government agencies have strict policies that do not allow the hiring of convicted felons for any position within the organization.

With a completed probation and expunged record, it will be as if the crime never happened (in the eyes of the public at least), and the offender can have another chance of making something of their life.

Loans, Housing, and Insurance

Getting loans from financial institutions, access to housing, and good insurance rates is usually a simple thing that most people qualify for without any hassle.

However, with a criminal record to contend with, access to these necessities becomes virtually impossible. Without the aid of expungement lawyers, those with arrest records can forget about ever getting a loan or fair insurance rates.


The adoption process has always been one that is closely scrutinized due to the need to ensure the protection of society's most vulnerable members. Even without felony convictions in the past, many people find it difficult to meet the requirements. With a criminal record, though, getting approved is not possible.


One of the first thing immigration officials from any country in the world will look at is the criminal record of the applicant. This means those that have been arrested before will always find it difficult to travel internationally.

Poor Criminal Record Bothering You? Hire an Experienced Expungement Attorney in Sacramento, CA!

There is no need to let something such as a criminal history stand in the way of one's progress when there are so many experienced expungement attorneys that can help. The lawyer of Goss Law have what it takes to make those criminal records disappear for good!

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