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Sacramento White Collar Crime Lawyer

Defendants can find a reliable Sacramento white collar crime lawyer to defend them against criminal charges at Goss Law. Call for a free consultation!

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The target of an investigation is sometimes unaware that he or she is under scrutiny until it's too late. That's because white collar crimes are much more complex than conventional criminal charges. Without even knowing it, a possible suspect could be making statements that could be used against them. If this is the case, it's important that the accused contact a Sacramento white collar crime attorney from Goss Law immediately to go over their concerns and possible solutions. In California, the repercussions of a white collar criminal conviction might be severe, so it's crucial to receive sound legal counsel. While it may seem that way at first, hiring a lawyer doesn't make a person look guilty but ensures they have the best chance at reducing the charges or ensuring their legal rights are protected. Goss Law is here to help those facing white collar crime charges. With aggressive defense and sound counsel, the accused will stand a better chance at a positive outcome.

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Why Goss Law Is the Right Choice for White Collar Crime Representation

When facing criminal charges, whether for money laundering, insurance fraud, or securities fraud, defendants must have a reliable Sacramento white collar crime lawyer on their side. Here are a few reasons to choose Goss Law:

  • The lawyer at Goss Law have years of experience dealing with white collar crimes.

  • Defendants get a free consultation to discuss the details of their cases with an attorney.

  • With an excellent track record, clients know that they can trust the team to take care of their legal needs.

Defendants are encouraged to contact Goss Law for help fighting Sacramento white collar crime charges and ensuring that they have the best possible chance of having the charges dropped.

What Are White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes are any that are committed for monetary gain and are typically executed by peaceful people who don't necessarily fit the stereotype of a criminal.


These crimes are frequently committed using dishonest or deceptive methods, and the offenders are often in positions of authority. Bankers, managers, insurance adjusters, accountants, and anybody else with access to large sums of money might be white collar criminals. Fundamentally, such crimes are a type of theft, but on a much larger scale.

What Are the Penalties for White Collar Crimes?

Serious criminal penalties may be imposed for theft involving substantial sums of money, the misuse of power, or the violation of another person's confidence. Without an attorney, a defendant will probably serve time in jail or prison and be obligated to pay restitution to the victims of their crimes.

Here are a few examples of penalties for different types of white collar crimes:

  • Securities fraud or insider trading: If a person is caught committing insider trading, they could face up to five years in county jail or state prison while also having to pay a fine of up to $10 million.

  • Identity theft: Should a defendant be found guilty of identity theft, they will have to spend up to one year in prison and pay a fine of $1,000 or both.

  • Tax evasion or tax fraud: This crime warrants a fine of up to $20,000 and up to a year in state prison or county jail.

Fortunately, a Sacramento white collar crime lawyer can help defendants avoid jail time and having to pay restitution. Contact Goss Law for more information!

Types of White Collar Crimes

A criminal defense attorney from Goss Law can help with various types of white collar offenses. The section below will cover some of the most common white collar crimes in Sacramento.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud also referred to as "insider trading," is one type of white collar crime that entails selling stocks while utilizing a company's private knowledge.

Tax Evasion or Tax Fraud

Also referred to as tax fraud, this type of white collar crime involves taking certain measures to keep from paying taxes. Among other things, the person transfers the property and provides incorrect information to evade tax responsibilities.


Embezzlement is a type of white collar crime that involves taking money or assets entrusted to a person's care that belongs to the organization they work for.

Money Laundering

In order to make the funds appear legitimate, this type of crime entails filtering money that has been gained unlawfully and putting it through a number of transactions.

Identity Theft

Theft of this nature might take many different forms. One illustration is when a person uses someone else's credit card as their own after having stolen it. Another name for this is credit card theft.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud refers to the act of claiming to be a financial institution to steal other people's money.

Wire Fraud

This offense entails utilizing digital communications to swindle someone. The internet, radio, telephone, and television are all possible causes of this form of deception.

Mail Fraud

Any fraudulent plan where a person exploits the postal system to commit a crime falls under this category. Stealing mail or sending counterfeit bills with the goal of defrauding someone else of their money are examples of postal fraud.

Healthcare Fraud

This occurs when a healthcare provider or patient knowingly submits false documentation to receive benefits they aren't otherwise eligible for.


Those facing charges for any of these white collar crimes can receive help from a reliable Sacramento white collar crime lawyer at Goss Law! Book a free consultation today!

Client Testimonial

Goss law is amazing! They handled my case quickly and got all my charges dismissed. I am very pleased with their service. I will definitely recommend Goss Law to my friends and family in the future!

- Monte B.

Defending Sacramento White Collar Crime Charges

In order for a person to be found guilty, the prosecution must establish a number of factors, as is the case with any criminal accusation. There has to have been a criminal act committed, as well as a reason and an intention. A Sacramento white collar defense lawyer may contest one or all these components to prevent the accused from being found guilty.

Goss Law Is Here to Help!

If a person faces criminal charges for committing one of these common white collar crimes, they can turn to a reliable Sacramento white collar crime lawyer. Goss Law is ready to take on cases of money laundering, insurance fraud, mail fraud, and more.


Defendants are encouraged to give the Sacramento law office a call at (916) 313-3133 for more information or to book a free consultation!

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