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Immerse Yourself in the Fascinating Exhibitions at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA, has been a favored destination for art admirers for several years. Home to significant collections of Californian, European, and Impressionist art, the Crocker offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages. From its impressive permanent collection to its compelling special exhibitions, the Crocker Art Museum provides an enchanting cultural experience. Likewise, the museum boasts a robust education program, public events, and immersive behind-the-scenes programming to thrill its visitors. Not to mention, the range of accessibility and dining options rival those of more prominent museums. Visit this link for more information.



Permanent Collection: The Crocker Art Museum boasts a world-renowned permanent collection that exemplifies more than a century of art and culture in California, from the Gold Rush period to the present. From European and American Drawings and Prints to Edward Bierstadt’s iconic Valley of Rocks, Crocker’s ever-evolving permanent collection represents a diverse range of diversity in art. The museum is also known for its rich collection of Californian Impressionist paintings and the exceptional Natoma Battery collection, which features some of the earliest examples of photography in America. Read about Discover the Beauty of California's State Capitol Museum in Sacramento, CA here.

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Special Exhibitions: The Crocker Art Museum consistently hosts various special exhibitions that ignite visitors’ imaginations. Previous special collections at the museum have included different travel themes, such as exploring the Grand Canyon with paintings by Thomas Moran or traveling through the Silk Route with part of the museum’s renowned Chinese Art Collection. Additionally, the Crocker Art Museum offers one-of-a-kind exhibitions created in-house, such as the colorful “Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor,” which features a collection of the artist’s vibrant sculptures, drawings, and designs.


Arts Education


Classes and Public Events: The Crocker Art Museum offers in-person and online arts education classes for all ages. The museum’s array of types includes visual art, music, and literature, as well as a variety of creative workshops and seminars by local and visiting artists. In addition, the museum also serves as an engaging venue for a host of public events such as lectures, discussions, and performances.


Behind-the-Scenes Programs: The Crocker Art Museum provides an array of immersive behind-the-scenes programs for curious visitors who would like to learn about the inner workings of a museum, including the conservation and preservation of artworks. The museum also hosts workshops focused on specific art forms, such as the bi-annual printmaking workshop, a hands-on exploration of the printmaking process.


The Crocker Art Museum Experience In Sacramento, CA


Accessibility and Amenities: The Crocker Art Museum is conveniently located in downtown Sacramento and boasts easy accessibility for its visitors. The museum is fully wheelchair and stroller accessible and offers a wide range of amenities like free public WiFi, parking, and regular food trucks. In addition, the museum also features an onsite K-8 School Program, offering tours and activities to enhance the school-age visitor experience.


Dining Options: The Crocker Art Museum offers visitors various dining options. The museum’s café features a fresh menu of delicious sandwiches, salads, and locally-sourced pastries, while the outdoor terrace provides outdoor seating with outdoor bar service. For those looking to dine in style, the museum also offers a private dining room with its catering service.




The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA, is an unforgettable destination for art admirers of all ages. From its expansive permanent collection to its stunning special exhibitions, the Crocker provides a unique cultural experience for visitors. The museum also hosts an array of educational and public events, as well as custom behind-the-scene opportunities. Furthermore, the Crocker offers easy accessibility, a broad range of amenities, and an impressive selection of dining options. If you want an unforgettable art experience, look no further than the Crocker Art Museum - the perfect place to explore creativity and culture in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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