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California State Railroad Museum: A Journey Through Railroading History

Nestled in Sacramento, California, the California State Railroad Museum is a premier destination for rail enthusiasts and history buffs. This museum, housed in the historic Southern Pacific Sacramento Depot, showcases the state's vibrant railroading legacy. Information can be found here.

Immersive Exhibits and Collections

The museum's immersive exhibits transport visitors back to the era of steam locomotives and the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. A vast collection of meticulously restored locomotives, cars, and artifacts narrate the tale of California's integral role in shaping the nation's railroad industry. See here for information about Scavenger Hunt Walking Tours: Unveiling Old Sacramento's Hidden Treasures.

Riding the Rails

A highlight of the museum experience is the opportunity to ride vintage trains along the Sacramento Southern Railroad, providing a hands-on experience of rail travel from a bygone era. The scenic excursions offer stunning views of the Sacramento River and the surrounding landscape.

Interactive Learning for All Ages

The California State Railroad Museum caters to visitors of all ages with interactive displays, educational programs, and events. The Junior Engineer Program and thematic exhibits engage younger audiences, making the museum an enriching destination for families and school groups.

Preserving Railroad Heritage

As a Smithsonian-affiliated institution, the museum is committed to preserving and interpreting the rich history of railroading. The California State Railroad Museum is a testament to the pioneering spirit that connected the West Coast to the rest of the nation through the iron rails, making it a must-visit for those fascinated by the golden age of locomotion.


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