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Crocker Art Museum: A Cultural Gem in Sacramento, CA

The Crocker Art Museum, located in Sacramento, California, is a cultural treasure celebrating art and creativity. With its diverse collection, captivating exhibitions, and engaging programs, the museum has become a hub for art enthusiasts and a vibrant regional cultural landmark. Information can be found here.


Established in 1885 by Margaret Crocker, the widow of prominent businessman Edwin B. Crocker, the Crocker Art Museum is the oldest art museum in the Western United States. Margaret Crocker's generous donation of the Crocker family's art collection and their beautiful Victorian mansion laid the foundation for this iconic institution. Click here to read about Stanford Mansion: A Historic Landmark in Sacramento, CA.

Expansive Collection:

The museum boasts an extensive collection of over 15,000 artworks spanning various periods and genres. From European masterpieces to American paintings, African and Oceanic art to contemporary works, the collection offers a diverse and comprehensive exploration of artistic expressions.

Architectural Beauty:

The Crocker Art Museum is a stunning blend of historic and modern architecture. The original mansion, a magnificent Italianate structure, provides a glimpse into the grandeur of the past. The subsequent expansion, completed in 2010, seamlessly integrates contemporary design, featuring spacious galleries, a central courtyard, and a visually striking glass canopy.

Engaging Exhibitions and Programs:

The museum presents a dynamic array of exhibitions showcasing renowned artists and emerging talents. From retrospectives to thematic displays, these exhibitions captivate visitors with their artistic diversity and thought-provoking narratives. The museum also hosts educational programs, workshops, lectures, and community events, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of art.

Community Engagement:

The Crocker Art Museum actively engages with the local community, offering educational opportunities for children, teens, and adults. Its outreach programs, partnerships with schools, and community collaborations ensure that art and culture are accessible to all, enriching the lives of Sacramento residents and visitors alike.


The Crocker Art Museum is a beacon of artistic excellence and cultural enrichment in Sacramento, California. With its remarkable collection, architectural beauty, engaging exhibitions, and community-focused initiatives, the museum continues to inspire and connect people through the transformative power of art.


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