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Old Sacramento Waterfront: A Historic Gem Along the River

Nestled along the banks of the Sacramento River, the Old Sacramento Waterfront is a living testament to the city's rich history. Designated as a National Historic Landmark District, this area preserves the charm and architectural splendor of California's Gold Rush era. Learn more here.

Gold Rush Relics and Architecture

Visitors to the Old Sacramento Waterfront are transported back in time with its cobbled streets and well-preserved buildings from the mid-19th century. The district showcases iconic structures like the Big Four Building and the Eagle Theatre, offering glimpses into the region's Gold Rush past. Learn more about Stanford Mansion: Historic Elegance in Sacramento, CA.

Riverfront Attractions

The waterfront extends its charm to the river itself, with picturesque views and riverfront attractions. The Delta King, a historic paddlewheel steamboat turned hotel and restaurant, adds to the nostalgic atmosphere along the Sacramento River.

Unique Shops and Dining

Old Sacramento is home to an array of unique shops, boutiques, and dining establishments. The wooden boardwalks and gas lamp-lit streets create a distinctive ambiance for visitors exploring the area, offering a delightful mix of history and modern-day amenities.

Historical Museums and Exhibits

Museums like the California State Railroad Museum and the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum enrich the visitor experience with educational exhibits, artifacts, and immersive displays, providing deeper insights into the area's vibrant past.

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Old Sacramento hosts various festivals and events, bringing the historic district to life with activities like Gold Rush Days and the Theatre of Lights during the holiday season. These events celebrate the heritage of Sacramento and offer engaging experiences for locals and tourists alike.

Capturing the Spirit of the Past

The Old Sacramento Waterfront is a cherished destination, capturing the spirit of California's Gold Rush era and providing an immersive experience for those seeking to connect with the state's storied history along the scenic Sacramento River.


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