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Breathtaking Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, CA– A Unique Heritage Attraction

Sacramento, CA, is now home to a majestic and breathtaking heritage site: the Stanford Mansion! This grand abode is the former residence of California’s 19th governor, Leland Stanford, and his family. Step into the historical past and explore the mansion, which features original furnishings and artifacts from the era. The breathtaking exterior and interior will surely transport you to another place and time! Come and experience the Stanford Mansion, a one-of-a-kind heritage attraction, now open to the public. Information concerning Sacramento, CA can be discovered here.

A Tour of the Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, CA

Exterior: The exterior of the Mansion is a sight to behold with its impressive Italianate-style architecture. Its imposing façade features curved bay windows, a grand entrance with intricate detailing, and a large and impressive dome. The Mansion was designed by noted Sacramento architect Edwin Bennett, who also designed other notable buildings, such as the former California State Capitol Building. Discover facts about Relive the Golden Age of Railways at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA.

Interior: The interior of the Mansion features many ornate designs, including high ceilings and elaborate woodwork. The Mansion has many historical artifacts, such as furniture and photographs, owned by the Stanford family. Some date back to the 19th century, while others were included in a renovation in the 1970s.

Historical Significance of the Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, CA

History of the Leland Stanford Family: With Leland Stanford's election as California's 14th Governor in 1861 came to the construction of the Stanford Mansion. The Stanfords moved into the Mansion in 1862 until Leland died in 1893. Leland and Jane Stanford had three children, two of whom died tragically at a young age. They founded Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, in the late 1800s.

Role in California's History: The Mansion has been an important site in California's history. Stanford hosted many of the most influential figures of the day at the Mansion, including President Ulysses S. Grant and President Rutherford B. Hayes. The Stanford Mansion was the official California Governor's residence after Leland Stanford's passing. It was home to many of the state's Governors until Ronald Reagan, who relocated the Mansion to its current location in the Governor's Mansion State Historical Park in 1967.

Preservation Efforts to Protect Stanford Mansion

The Stanford Mansion Preservation Society (SMPS), a dedicated organization devoted to preserving the Mansion, was founded in 1978 to ensure the conservation of the Mansion and its artifacts. The SMPS continues to advocate for the preservation of the Mansion and offers both guided tours and educational programs about the Mansion's unique history.

The Mansion also receives long-term maintenance and upkeep as part of the California State Park system. The preservation efforts of the SMPS and the California State Park system have successfully preserved the Mansion for many generations to come.


The Stanford Mansion is a beautiful piece of history and California culture that must be preserved. Its architectural beauty and historical importance have withstood the test of time and should be enjoyed and respected by future generations. It is worth visiting the Mansion to learn about its unique history, its place in California's history, and the preservation efforts that keep it in its current condition. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Stanford Mansion.


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